Word of the Day 2/22 – mle

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adj. metallic, made or composed of metal.


mlo metal
mleraeng metallurgy
malduril a mine
maldhaen a metal wire


Metal, of course, is very important to civilization, and Suzhon is no exception. Many of the names for various metals (other than those of ancient origin, such as gold and silver), contain a form of mlo. These names, mostly scientific, are not shown here.

Notes (OOC)

mle and its nominal counterpart mlo don’t follow the normal word class rules for Suvile. Generally, the root vowel of a verb is a front vowel (i or e), the noun has a low vowel (a or ae), and the root of an adjective is a back vowel (u or o). This is one of the few cases where that rule does not apply.