The Future, For Better or Worse

in Programming

All you hear about these days, whether on tech sites, TV, or pretty much anywhere else, are tablets, Android, iPads, and the like. We just can’t escape. So, instead of trying to run away from the tablet tidal wave, let’s try to ride it out, like the surfing scene from Lucifer’s Hammer.

My company–such as it is-which I call Potter PC Services, will soon need a new name. For now, I’m using the name “PPCS Mobile” for the development of Android apps. The first app is called PassMaker Mobile, and it’s not very complicated. You download it, start it up, and it makes passwords. I made it because I can’t stand having to create a new password for every site, using more and more byzantine rules (must use capital letters, must have numbers, can’t use any dictionary words, needs X number of characters, etc.), and I figured that other people have the same feeling. It’s free, no cost, and open source as well.

(Of course, all these password rules really don’t help as much as site owners think, as XKCD so helpfully points out.)