The End is the Beginning

in Word of the Day

I’ve done this Word of the Day thing for 2 months now. I really want to continue it, but it has turned out to be more taxing on my creative abilities than I originally thought. Sure, I already had the words, but the Word of the Day entries require me to make “script” images, example sentences, etymologies, idioms, and linguist’s notes for each word. Most of that I didn’t already have, which makes the task take longer than one would think.

So, to lighten the workload a bit, I’m suspending the Word of the Day temporarily. It will return when I find the time to work on the languages of Idzon again. That probably won’t be until the early summer, as I have immersed myself in other projects, including programming and a non-creative writing project. Idzon is still in my mind, though, and I hope to have another “cultural” post in a couple of weeks. Until then, this space will probably remain blank.