Teen Angst

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A new year is upon us, bringing with it a new decade. The 2000s, the decade that no one could name, are ending, and the 2010s are beginning. Change always comes in a new year, but this time, it must increase tenfold. Therefore, I have decided to make some changes around here. First, there’s a new theme, which is a slightly modified version of the WordPress “Artemis” theme. I haven’t worked out all the kinks yet, but it does support some features that the old “Hemmed” theme (which doesn’t seem to exist anymore) didn’t, like new CSS styles.

Of course, I will, as always, endeavor to post more. The hardest part isn’t writing, it’s thinking of something to write, but now I have ideas, so I just need to make the time to post. I hope to make more short posts, and fewer of the chapter-long rants that I have made for the last five years. They’ll still be here, though, but they will probably still be at their usual frequency, one every few weeks. One thing I am experimenting with is scheduled posting, which is a feature of WordPress that I haven’t tried before. Most of what I have written on here up to now is spur-of-the-moment, stream-of-consciousness writing. I just start, and let the words flow until they stop. I haven’t really tried to prepare anything beforehand, which is one reason why posts are so few and far between. With a fixed schedule, though, I can write a little at a time, all done beforehand, and have it post when I’m asleep, or away, or whatever.

Finally, the biggest change at this site in the new decade is the content itself. In 2009, I started posting about the artificial language Suvile, of my own design. Well, one of the front-runners for “2009 Word of the Year” is “conlang”, which, as you may have noticed, is the name of the category attached to the Suvile posts. They will become more frequent, as will other conlang posts, including some about languages made by other people, since they seem to be getting more popular in the mainstream world, as the makers of the movie Avatar can attest.

So, I hope 2010 is at least as good a year as 2009, and I hope the 2010s are better than the 2000s. Things seem to be looking up already: the World Cup and Olympics are next year, the economy is picking back up, we’ve launched two new space telescopes, and hobbies, like my own, are becoming jobs. We still have the problems we’ve had–politics, health care, wars and rumors of wars, and the general decline in both freedom and the sense to use it. All in all, though, the new decade will be, like all those before it, exactly what we make of it.