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Word of the Day 2/23 – alix

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v. to destroy. Derivations alax destruction alux destroyed, shattered Synonyms elx to ruin, break Notes (OOC) alix is another example of Suvile words representing “bad” concepts having harsh sounds, as was first discussed in the entry on abax.

Word of the Day 2/22 – mle

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adj. metallic, made or composed of metal. Derivations mlo metal mleraeng metallurgy malduril a mine maldhaen a metal wire Notes Metal, of course, is very important to civilization, and Suzhon is no exception. Many of the names for various metals (other than those of ancient origin, such as gold and silver), contain a form of […]

Word of the Day 2/21 – drez

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v. to sit (down), to be seated. Examples drezlud, emil deserus lex. Sit down, because we need to talk. Derivations draz a seat, place to sit dral a chair dradz a bench droz seated Notes (OOC) The “specializations” of draz are weird, as Suvile derivations go. First, dral should probably be *dralz, with the -l- […]

Word of the Day 2/20 – sirad

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v. to fill (up). Examples siradi than drelan agwom. Fill that bucket with water. Derivations srad filling, composition surad full sirdes to supply; to fill a need Notes The word lop, “ripe”, is sometimes used as a synonym for surad.

Word of the Day 2/19 – abax

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n. revenge, vengeance. Examples ya abax etajan ithan thuln tajiv beloram. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Derivations abix to avenge; to seek revenge abux vengeful Notes (OOC) Personally, I dislike revenge, among other things. This dislike has influenced the making of Suvile, which can be seen in the prominence of “guttural” sounds (x, […]

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