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Word of the Day 2/15 – vesh

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v. to sail, travel in a sailing boat; to go by boat. Derivations vazh a small sailboat veshil a sailor veshad a sail, mainsail gelvazh a fishing boat Related Terms shaen a ship Idioms nemorvesh to be contrary, act against the perceived norms (literally “to sail against”) Notes (OOC) vesh (veś) can be used to […]

Word of the Day 2/5 – gilv

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v. to earn, make, receive as payment for work. Derivations galv earnings gilvadh merit bagilv to profit Notes gilv is mostly concerned with making money, though there are still places in modern Suzhon where one receives payment for services in the form of food, clothing, or shelter. In these cases, jilvaz, “barter”, might also be […]

Word of the Day 2/3 – bin

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v. to hunt, either for food or sport. Examples badivre bin xewdelan nol inut ciro. A lot of men around here hunt deer in the fall. iddhi desram binus zi idyud tetsus tec. We must hunt if we want to eat. Derivations baen a hunt, hunting trip Notes bin, in standard Suvile, refers mostly to […]

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Word of the Day 1/11 – enshlet

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/enˈʃlεt/ v. to maintain, preserve, keep up. Etymology enshlet is derived from shlet, “to build”. Derivations enshlad maintenance, upkeep enshlot maintained, preserved Notes (OOC) enshlet (enślet) contains the semi-productive prefix en-, which appears on a few words as a sort of “intensifying” marker. Its etymology is obscure, but it is probably related to on-, similar […]