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Word of the Day 2/28 – dhu

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n. a weapon, especially a spear, javelin, or other weapon with a point; the letter representing the sound /ð/ in the Sagruse alphabet. Related Terms shra a sword shrev a knife or dagger tsad a club or cudgel eraz a gun, firearm culaen a bow Notes The word dhu (ðu) is the word for a […]

Word of the Day 2/17 – anja

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n. an arrow, missile, the ammunition of a ranged weapon, such as a bow. Derivations anji to shoot, fire anjisil bowman, archer anjula archery Related Terms culaen a bow elzecul a crossbow erthol a bullet eraz a gun Notes Bows have been replaced by guns in most of Suzhon, at least for military purposes. The […]

Word of the Day 2/8 – irxeles

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v. to invade, start an invasion or incursion. Derivations irxelaz an invasion, incursion irxelasil invader Etymology Probably from xil, “to attack”, using the locative case marker -ir as either a prefix or a part of a compound. Notes irxeles is intended to refer to military invasions, but colloquial usage has broadened its meaning to include […]