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Word of the Day 1/10 – vidheln

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/viˈðεln/ v. to awaken, wake up, become awake, rise from sleep. Examples cisam vidhelnab ar ith kandire. I woke up three times this morning. leklud aran esh ino vidheln. Let me know when he wakes. Derivations vidholn awake, no longer asleep Related Terms cilek to gain consciousness or awareness Antonyms zilsh to sleep, go to […]

Word of the Day 1/5 – osel

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/oˈsɛl/ v. to ride, take a ride in, use for transportation as a passenger. Examples oselab ar irasoran idyabe. I rode the train yesterday. tetsul osel an ar? Do you want to ride with me? Derivations os’l a passenger vehicle osil a passenger, rider, one who rides Notes osel connotes the use of transportation without […]

Word of the Day 1/1 – eddh

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/ɛdð/ v. to scatter, disperse, cause to go forth in all directions; to throw, fling wildly. Examples eddhab ilis teyletan oz pavedzir. The child scattered his toys across the room. eddhab ishaenelan yurvelom davur. The ships were tossed about by the fearsome storm. Derivations eddhil a refugee, as from a storm or war Notes (OOC) […]