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Word of the Day 2/7 – dzolen

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v. to flatten, make flat; to iron. Examples tetsul ith ar caelan ale dzolen? Do you want me to iron your shirt? dzolenlud igalran shin asan cin rekus. Flatten the map so we can read it. Derivations dzolon flat, planar dzolaen a flat area; a mathematical plane dzolendal a tray, flat dish Notes (OOC) dzolon […]

Word of the Day 2/6 – pultel

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v. to substitute, replace, stand in the place of; to use instead of. Examples zi ya desor, zan cin pultelus ikonan agwom. If necessary, we can use water instead of broth. Derivations pultal a substitute, replacement, or surrogate pultala the act or concept of substitution pultalu adjectival form of pultal, used in compound nouns Related […]

Word of the Day 2/5 – gilv

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v. to earn, make, receive as payment for work. Derivations galv earnings gilvadh merit bagilv to profit Notes gilv is mostly concerned with making money, though there are still places in modern Suzhon where one receives payment for services in the form of food, clothing, or shelter. In these cases, jilvaz, “barter”, might also be […]

Word of the Day 2/3 – bin

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v. to hunt, either for food or sport. Examples badivre bin xewdelan nol inut ciro. A lot of men around here hunt deer in the fall. iddhi desram binus zi idyud tetsus tec. We must hunt if we want to eat. Derivations baen a hunt, hunting trip Notes bin, in standard Suvile, refers mostly to […]

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Word of the Day 2/2 – thiv

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v. to try, attempt. Examples titham thivlud boloram. Always try to do the best you can. thivrab lex ser, ine nexishab. I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t listen. Derivations thav an attempt onthiv to try again, retry Notes thiv (þiv) is best translated as “to attempt”, since the simple gloss “try” may […]