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Word of the Day 1/8 – shel

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/ʃεl/ n. a wheel, especially one used for motion. Examples bes than osor keto shelilan. That car has four wheels. shelyab ishel yagyayr, ine nevarji. The wheel spun in the mud, but it didn’t move. Derivations sheli to rotate, spin like a wheel orsheln a bicycle; a vehicle with two wheels Idioms ishel raze the […]

Word of the Day 1/2 – shra

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/ʃɾɑ/ n. a sword, knife, or other bladed weapon; the blade or edge of a knife. Examples kuryab inox’l shrarean ab ix’le. The warrior sharpened his sword before the battle. esh zinus ishrayr (Idiom)We now stand on the knife’s edge Derivations shrev a dagger or small knife shray to hone, give an edge to shraw […]