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Word of the Day 2/10 – mintuam

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adv. soon, in a little while, in a short time. Examples minutam ogenrud daln’l. I’ll be home soon. Derivations minutoram too soon, early, prematurely Synonyms uttham in a short time Etymology minutam is likely derived from minul, “short”, and tamb, “time”, giving the obvious meaning. Notes minutoram derives from a misunderstanding: the final -am was […]

Word of the Day 1/25 – bosa

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n. age, agedness, length of time one has lived. Examples atth bosan than dhond? How old is that house? Etymology bosa is a nominal form of bos, “old”, essentially referring to the concept of “oldness”. Notes In Suzhon, it is considered impolite to directly ask how old one is (atth bosan al?). Rather, a form […]

Word of the Day 1/22 – gaendir

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n. evening, dusk, twilight, the early hours of the night; the end of a day of work. Examples kilclud cir ith gaendire. Meet me here this evening. Etymology gaendir comes from gaen, meaning “end”, and dir, a variant form of di, “day”. Literally, it means “end of the day”, likely referring to a day’s work, […]