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Word of the Day 1/4 – galvun

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/gɑlˈvun/ adj. glorious, glorified, held in honor, physically or spiritually blessed. Examples gareslud isiletan galvun usir! (Traditional) Give thanks to the glorious among us! Synonyms akul honored, esteemed belon blessed Notes galvun is rarely used outside of religious situations, where it refers to the glory of gods or heroes. The verb galvin and noun galvaen […]

Word of the Day 1/3 – vorad

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/voˈɾɑd/ adj. bad, evil, morally or ethically wrong; sick, diseased or corrupted in some way. Examples ya nolan vorad ith dzonir. There are evil men in this world. Derivations vordil a virus, infectious agent Notes (OOC) vorad can be used to refer to sickness of both the body (disease) and the soul (evil). The connotation […]