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Word of the Day 2/28 – dhu

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n. a weapon, especially a spear, javelin, or other weapon with a point; the letter representing the sound /ð/ in the Sagruse alphabet. Related Terms shra a sword shrev a knife or dagger tsad a club or cudgel eraz a gun, firearm culaen a bow Notes The word dhu (ðu) is the word for a […]

Word of the Day 2/27 – rodaem

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n. rust, corrosion, the result of an oxidizing process. Examples peleni irodaeman dhulraceso. Clean the rust from your weapons. Derivations rodem to rust, corrode rodom rusted, corroded Etymology rodaem (rodæm) is in some way derived from roja, “red”, but the etymology is obscure. Notes (OOC) Suzhoni science knows of rust and corrosion as chemical processes, […]

Word of the Day 2/19 – abax

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n. revenge, vengeance. Examples ya abax etajan ithan thuln tajiv beloram. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Derivations abix to avenge; to seek revenge abux vengeful Notes (OOC) Personally, I dislike revenge, among other things. This dislike has influenced the making of Suvile, which can be seen in the prominence of “guttural” sounds (x, […]

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Word of the Day 2/17 – anja

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n. an arrow, missile, the ammunition of a ranged weapon, such as a bow. Derivations anji to shoot, fire anjisil bowman, archer anjula archery Related Terms culaen a bow elzecul a crossbow erthol a bullet eraz a gun Notes Bows have been replaced by guns in most of Suzhon, at least for military purposes. The […]

Word of the Day 2/14 – daltarv

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n. a lawn, yard, the area immediately around a house. Derivations daltavrola a sport such as tennis, played on grass Etymology Originally from daln, meaning “home”, and tav’r, “grass”, with a simplification of the cluster -lnt-, and desyllabification of the final -v’r. Notes The daltarv is, in non-rural areas, simply the extent of one’s property […]