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Word of the Day 2/25 – nejin

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v. to outlaw, make illegal, prohibit by force of law. Examples tetsu than silel ith nejin tithan. Those people want to make everything illegal. Derivations nejinsil an outlaw, criminal, especially on the run nejaen an illegal act, crime Related Terms vril to commit a crime adzaen a law Etymology nejin is certainly derived from adzaen, […]

Word of the Day 1/24 – kalzh

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n. proof, of truthfulness or accuracy; a test, trial, experiment, something intended to provide proof; a judicial hearing or trial. Examples bes al kalzhan? Do you have any proof? sirdes ith kalzh kawanetan us’r. This experiment will give us all the answers. Derivations kelsh to prove to be true; to test, conduct an experiment; to […]

Word of the Day 1/17 – adzor

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adj. just, fair; morally right; lawful. Examples desram et us ilan ith adzor ya. We must do what is right. let tsilan kalzh ith kalzhan adzor besidh. Everyone is allowed a fair trial. Derivations adzer to arbitrate; to make fair; to set right adz’r justice; fairness Related Terms jos right, factually correct Notes (OOC) adzor […]