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Word of the Day 2/18 – palvet

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v. to decorate, adorn. Examples palvetab us dhondan Xrisomas’r. We decorated our house for Christmas. Derivations palvad a decoration palvot decorated Synonyms palend to add decoration Notes palvet and palend are essentially the same word. The original distinction–between things and women, respectively–has long been lost, with both words now being almost completely interchangeable.

Word of the Day 2/14 – daltarv

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n. a lawn, yard, the area immediately around a house. Derivations daltavrola a sport such as tennis, played on grass Etymology Originally from daln, meaning “home”, and tav’r, “grass”, with a simplification of the cluster -lnt-, and desyllabification of the final -v’r. Notes The daltarv is, in non-rural areas, simply the extent of one’s property […]