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Word of the Day 2/13 – telsin

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v. to consume or expend a resource. Derivations telsaen a consumable resource telsun consumable; expendable telsaensil a consumer, one who consumes Related Terms utir to make use of tec to eat, consume, as food Notes telsin is used in both economic and scientific senses. Scientifically, it is most often used when referring to chemical reactions, […]

Word of the Day 2/5 – gilv

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v. to earn, make, receive as payment for work. Derivations galv earnings gilvadh merit bagilv to profit Notes gilv is mostly concerned with making money, though there are still places in modern Suzhon where one receives payment for services in the form of food, clothing, or shelter. In these cases, jilvaz, “barter”, might also be […]