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Word of the Day 2/10 – mintuam

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adv. soon, in a little while, in a short time. Examples minutam ogenrud daln’l. I’ll be home soon. Derivations minutoram too soon, early, prematurely Synonyms uttham in a short time Etymology minutam is likely derived from minul, “short”, and tamb, “time”, giving the obvious meaning. Notes minutoram derives from a misunderstanding: the final -am was […]

Word of the Day 1/31 – desram

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adv. must, to need to. Examples desram gemlud esh. You must go now. esham desram vyun ar imithasilan. I need to see the doctor now. Antonyms nin must not, shall not Etymology Adverbial construction from des’r, meaning “a need”. Notes desram is an adverb, though the meaning it covers is expressed in many languages by […]