Pyrge 0.6 Released

in Programming

Version 0.6 of Pyrge, the Python Retro Game Engine, is now available! This is mainly a bugfix and cleanup release, with the only additions being for completeness rather than features. The highlights include:

  • The Image.redraw() method has been added, replacing the need for explicitly setting the “dirty” flag. This also means that sprites using “self.dirty = 2” to force redrawing every frame will now work properly.
  • The Clickable mixin now works when using a scaled game world.
  • The flatten() function (in util) now uses recursion to support more highly-nested sequences.
  • text.Text now accepts a keyword argument “static” to switch between “position as top-left” (“static=True”, default for Texts) and “position as center” (“static=False”, default for most other Images).
  • New GameLoop methods showCursor() and hideCursor().
  • New GameLoop properties (updated per-frame): mousepos and mousebuttons.

As always, Pyrge can be downloaded from Github.