Pyrge 0.5 Released

in Programming

Today I am proud to announce the release of version 0.5 of Pyrge, the Python Retro Game Engine. It’s been two weeks since the previous release, but even in that short amount of time there are a few new features:

  • The GameLoop and World classes now have a title property, which will be used as the game window’s titlebar caption. This can be changed at any time, but, for obvious reasons, will have no effect in a fullscreen game.
  • The TiledImage constructor now accepts either an Image object or a filename as a reference for its pattern. The old Pygame Surface option is still there, too.
  • Image has a few new bits: the filename argument for the constructor (meaning that you can now write Image('somefile.png') instead of Image().load('somefile.png')), the addFrame and removeFrame methods for finer animation control, a recursive kill method that now works on child sprites, and the redraw method for, well, redrawing.
  • Slow motion is now easier than ever, with the timeScale property of game worlds. (Set it to less than 1 for slowdown, more than 1 for speedup.)
  • Finally, the mixin module has a new member: YOrdered. This mixin changes a sprite’s depth in the drawing order based on its Y coordinate, giving that retro fake perspective effect. (In other words, sprites near the bottom of the screen will be drawn on top of higher-up sprites.)

Pyrge 0.5 can be downloaded from Github. This is a source-only release, as I’m still looking for help making a Windows installer. The installation instructions are the same as before, and can be found in an earlier post.

As usual, there are still a few bugs to be worked out, but that’s just how it is with anything new. Let me know if you find any!