For the Time Being…

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Until I can get time to actually update the main site, I’ve set up a redirect that leads here. Hopefully it won’t need to be there very long.

The End is the Beginning

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I’ve done this Word of the Day thing for 2 months now. I really want to continue it, but it has turned out to be more taxing on my creative abilities than I originally thought. Sure, I already had the words, but the Word of the Day entries require me to make “script” images, example sentences, etymologies, idioms, and linguist’s notes for each word. Most of that I didn’t already have, which makes the task take longer than one would think.

So, to lighten the workload a bit, I’m suspending the Word of the Day temporarily. It will return when I find the time to work on the languages of Idzon again. That probably won’t be until the early summer, as I have immersed myself in other projects, including programming and a non-creative writing project. Idzon is still in my mind, though, and I hope to have another “cultural” post in a couple of weeks. Until then, this space will probably remain blank.

Word of the Day 2/28 – dhu

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dhu (ðu)

n. a weapon, especially a spear, javelin, or other weapon with a point; the letter representing the sound /ð/ in the Sagruse alphabet.

Related Terms

shra a sword
shrev a knife or dagger
tsad a club or cudgel
eraz a gun, firearm
culaen a bow


The word dhu (ðu) is the word for a generic weapon in Suvile, but it also refers to pointed weapons, such as spears, javelins, and pikes, though, strangely, not to swords. Also strangely, none of the common terms for different types of weapons are derived from dhu.

Word of the Day 2/27 – rodaem

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rodaem (rodæm)

n. rust, corrosion, the result of an oxidizing process.


peleni irodaeman dhulraceso.
Clean the rust from your weapons.


rodem to rust, corrode
rodom rusted, corroded


rodaem (rodæm) is in some way derived from roja, “red”, but the etymology is obscure.

Notes (OOC)

Suzhoni science knows of rust and corrosion as chemical processes, though they use the old, military-derived, term for rust, even when referring to oxidized metals other than iron.

Word of the Day 2/26 – curez

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v. to regret.


curez ar nithan raze.
I regret nothing in my life.


curaz regrets
curoz regrettable


the nominal form curaz can also be used in an abstract sense (“a feeling of regret”).