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Word of the Day 2/4 – mort

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adj. dead, dying, losing or having lost one’s life. Derivations mard death mert to die Synonyms molt expired Antonyms rus alive Notes (OOC) mort is one of a few words that were unconsciously borrowed from an Earthly language, in this case Latin. I left it in because, with Suvile’s processes of ablaut and agglutination, random […]

Word of the Day 2/3 – bin

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v. to hunt, either for food or sport. Examples badivre bin xewdelan nol inut ciro. A lot of men around here hunt deer in the fall. iddhi desram binus zi idyud tetsus tec. We must hunt if we want to eat. Derivations baen a hunt, hunting trip Notes bin, in standard Suvile, refers mostly to […]

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Word of the Day 2/2 – thiv

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v. to try, attempt. Examples titham thivlud boloram. Always try to do the best you can. thivrab lex ser, ine nexishab. I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t listen. Derivations thav an attempt onthiv to try again, retry Notes thiv (þiv) is best translated as “to attempt”, since the simple gloss “try” may […]

Word of the Day 2/1 – edrelz

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v. to inhabit; to settle an area, move to or begin to live in a place. Examples edrelzab isilel oyn Suzhone Koshir. The first Suzhoni people settled in Kosh. Derivations edralz a settlement edrelsil a settler; an inhabitant edrolz inhabited, having a native population Related Terms den to live in, reside in Notes There is […]