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Word of the Day 1/31 – desram

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adv. must, to need to. Examples desram gemlud esh. You must go now. esham desram vyun ar imithasilan. I need to see the doctor now. Antonyms nin must not, shall not Etymology Adverbial construction from des’r, meaning “a need”. Notes desram is an adverb, though the meaning it covers is expressed in many languages by […]

Word of the Day 1/30 – jilvaz

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v. an exchange or trade; trade, generally. Examples ya orn jilvaz maj’r zhonel tsil’r. Trade between nations is important for everyone. Derivations jilvish to trade, exchange, barter jilvus exchanged jilvusa a trade good Idioms jilvaz laxe a conversation dhond jilvaze a bank jilvaz shrale war; a duel (somewhat poetic) Notes (OOC) jilvaz is ultimately derived […]

The Wisdom of Snow

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Something happened yesterday that almost never happens. Snow. Here. And not just the usual handful of flurries that blow around getting everyone’s hopes up, but a real snowstorm. At my house, we had about 6 inches of snow when I went to bed, though, for some reason, the precipitation that was still falling turned into […]

Word of the Day 1/29 – xawt

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n. the head, a human head; the top, front, lead part. Examples tsetab ino xawtrean. He hit me on the head. gemlud xawt’r rapade. Go to the front of the line. Derivations vorxot forehead Notes (OOC) In compounds, some Suvile words change form. xawt is one example, with the diphthong aw becoming o when used […]

Word of the Day 1/28 – emridh

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v. to take caution, be cautious or careful; to warn, caution. Examples desram emridhus ith jimelan. We must be careful in these wild lands. emridhab ino rar ith al cir yud. He warned me that you would be here. Derivations emradh caution; a warning emrudh cautious, careful Notes emridh (emriĆ°) can be used transitively or […]