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The Interlinear Formatter

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One of the hardest, yet most important, parts of making a language is, in my opinion, translating. And one of the hardest parts of translating is the interlinear. Interlinears, if you don’t know, are translations where each word of a language is shown broken into its most basic parts, with simple translations (glosses) for each […]

Suvile: It’s All Relative

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So, at last we come to this. I don’t know how I’ve been able to keep up this pace for nine (ten, now) posts, especially with all that’s been happening over the last month, but I’ve done it. Now for the grand finale, at least of the first series. This post is about relative clauses, […]

Suvile: Questions and Comments

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Once again, we interrupt the regularly scheduled, well, schedule to post an article that I forgot. So you don’t get the “relative clauses” post I promised the other day. Instead, you get something much more useful: questions and commands. I really did forget this post, so bear with me as I try to remain on […]

Suvile: Prepositions

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Now that things have quieted down around here (or maybe my ears are still ringing from the concert last night), I have found the time to write the long-awaited post describing Suvile prepositions. If my calculations are correct, this is the eighth article on Suvile grammar, and the next to last in the “basic” series. […]

Suvile: One, Two, Three

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I’ve been busy the last week. Really, really busy. My uncle just came home from the hospital (a tale I hope to share with you one day), everybody in the family is or has been sick, and, if that weren’t bad enough, Mothers’ Day was this weekend. So I haven’t had much time to write […]