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Suvile: Verbs

in Conlangs

It’s been a long weekend, and I haven’t really had the time for a long post. Now that things have settled down a little around here, I can go ahead and write the Suvile verbs post I promised the other day. If nothing else, at least I’m still on a schedule of once every three […]

Suvile: Basic Adjectives

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I’m starting to get into a rhythm of posting for this series, but I had started this post earlier today, and, for some reason, WordPress decided to go and delete what I had written. So I have to rewrite the first half, which may make it shorter than the last two. We’ll see just how […]

Suvile: Nouns and the Article

in Conlangs

Amazingly enough, I am writing another post, and only a couple of days since the last one! I was working on translations for Suvile yesterday evening, and I reached a milestone: the 1,500th word (not counting compounds or proper names) in the Suvile lexicon! In honor of this, I decided to make a new post, […]

Suvile: A Brief Introduction

in Conlangs

I said yesterday that I was going to try to add non-rant material to the site, and here I’m going to start making good on that promise. This is the first in (what I hope will be) an ongoing series of posts detailing both the creation of languages (specifically, constructed languages, or “conlangs”) and those […]

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Try, Try Again

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I’ve tried many times over the last few years to make something out of this little site. This, however, is only the 57th post I’ve made, which averages out to not much more than a single post per month. The truth is, it’s hard to rant about the injustices of the world (the original point […]