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Change is Constant

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I did it. That’s right, I changed the name of this site. I’m no longer writing the anti-blog “WordLess Rants”. This is the first post to “On the Contrary”, a celebration of difference. Not diversity, mind you, but difference of opinion. I’m what is called (by polite people, anyway) a contrarian. I go out of […]

Turning Japanese

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Everyone, it seems, knows about Sudoku, the little number puzzle that’s in newspapers, on the Internet, and even in a video game. Well, many of you may not know that Sudoku was (and still is) in the various puzzle magazines published by Dell (not that Dell!). They called it “Number Place”, but apparently it’s “Sudoku” […]


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As I said in my last post, my MP3 player, a Rio Karma, suffered a hard drive failure a while back. Despite the fact that Rio has been out of business for almost a year, and Karmas haven’t been made in almost two, I bought a new one. That’s right, a brand new two-year-old MP3 […]