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It’s official, the Atlanta Braves are the 2005 National League Eastern Division Champions! The clinch was last night, at about 10:45 PM, as the Braves beat the Colorado Rockies 12-3. In a season where rookies (in some cases, players younger than me!) had to step up, they did, and in a big way. Now everybody […]

You Know It’s Gonna Be Alright

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Yesterday, at the Tokyo Game Show 2005, Nintendo unveiled the controller for their next-generation console, currently known as the Revolution. Now I know why the system is named that, because, looking at the pictures, I can see that it is revolutionary. It certainly looks better than the counterparts from Sony and Microsoft. So I’m looking […]

Bits and Pieces

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William Rehnquist 1924-2005 William Rehnquist, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, died of thyroid cancer last night. The headline links to the Washington Post obituary, so I won’t write one of my own. I’ll just say that even though Mr. Rehnquist was nominally a conservative, he was still one of the great chief justices, […]