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Katrina, Katrina

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It hit. And it was bad. And it will be bad for a while. According to a study conducted in November 2004, it could take 9 weeks to pump the flood waters out of New Orleans. Nine weeks from today is November 1st. If they started right this minute, the waters would still be there […]

The 700 Kook…Err, Club

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I have decided to postpone the planned “series of political posts” until I have time to rethink my positions so that they’ll fit inside 8 GB of space. Instead, we’ll talk about the man that gives Christians a bad name: Pat Robertson. And we’ll talk about other kookery, and even other news stories. Character Assassination […]

Gone, But Not Forgotten

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I’ve been gone for a while (again) because of family matters. I’m still alive, though, and I still intend on posting soon. As soon as things settle down a little, I’ll have the political rants that I promised three weeks ago. In any case, fall is almost upon us. Today was the first day of […]