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I’m still here, and I still intend to post new rants. In fact, I hope to write a series of political rants which will clarify my stand on various issues. That should start later this week. I haven’t written about the metaphorical flag burning that took place in Congress last week, and by that I […]

My British Cousin

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I don’t really have a British cousin; that’s just a joke. But there is a Brit that has the same last name as me, and he had a very big weekend. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, look at the first six letters in this site’s domain name. That’s right. Harry Potter. No, […]

The Color of Money

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I collect coins. That’s one of my (many) hobbies. Particularly, I collect Peace Dollars. Silver dollars are probably the most collected series outside of the State Quarters. Of course, many silver collecters go for the very valuable and quite rare Morgan Dollars, or if they have the money, Trade and Seated Liberty Dollars. Not many […]

Down With the Sickness

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I’ve been sick. I was sick all weekend and most of last week. I didn’t even go to the family 4th party. And I haven’t had time to update the site either. In the good news side of things, I’m better now, I think, and I have time to put something new up here. Plus, […]