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Loss of Signal

in Rants

Note: I have added to this page since it was first written. Disconnected I had connection problems the last 2 or 3 days. The DSL modem (an Alcatel SpeedTouch USB, affectionately known as the “stingray” by some of its owners) kept disconnecting and losing sync every few minutes. Obviously, this is a problem. So we […]

I’m Still Here, Really

in Admin

I’ve been busy working on the “business” part of the site these past few days, so I don’t have anything new to put here. Sorry. I’m done with the rest of the site for now, which means I’ll have more time for ranting in the next week. Braves Notes Winning streak! The Braves won the […]

Politics! Oh, No!

in Rants

This is the “in the news” rant for the week. Most of the news is, naturally, political, and therefore this rant will be political in nature. Without further ado, let’s get it over with. Pot Luck First off, the Supreme Court today dealt a blow to personal rights by giving the federal government the ability […]

Masters of Their (Top-Level) Domains

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ICANN has, as you may have already read, has approved a number of top-level domains (TLDs) for Internet use, the most notable being “.xxx” for adult sites.

First Post!

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This is just an introduction to let you know who I am, where I stand, and what this is all about.